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To promote and provide financial support through merit-based scholarships for higher education to the beneficiaries of active, retired, and deceased

military members within the Flint Hills region of Kansas.

We aim to maximize the opportunity for post secondary education through the

support and generosity of individual, community, and organizational donors.

Applications are extended to graduating high school seniors, current college

students, and those seeking a higher degree. The Combined Scholarship

Fund of Greater Fort Riley offers our military dependents and beneficiaries a

chance to pursue higher education regardless of their economic status or

their access to the GI bill.

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Over the past 4 years* The Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley has awarded over 70 scholarships totaling nearly $130,000. 

*excluding 2020 due to COVID19

CSF is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit military service organization that has been serving the educational needs of Ft Riley for over 35 years

CSF has partnerships with local major universities

CSF is a charitable beneficiary of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation

CSF receives expert technical assistance (pro bono) from Kansas State University

CSF has a major corporate endowed scholarship from USAA -MG Robles Scholarship

CSF commits 100% of donations to scholarships and 0% for administration

CSF hosts annual scholarship award ceremonies to honor students and donors

CSF is 100% expertly led by volunteer Army spouses

CSF makes annual scholarship awards of $40k to $60k to over 20+ recipients

CSF is only meeting 50% of its need-based mission —

We Need Your Help


About CSF

Teacher on Board

About the Board

The Combined Scholarship Fund is a board comprised of volunteers from the local Fort Riley community who have committed their time and talents to ensure each year the CSF is a success. If you are interested in helping out in any way, or volunteering on the board, please shoot us an email!


They work diligently receiving and verifying information, as well as reading, judging, and rating essays -- with the help of an anonymous judging panel --and ultimately allocating and issuing scholarship dollars.

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