In May of 2019, the Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley, Inc. awarded 19 scholarships totaling $36,250.  Thank you to our community donors who made the year such a success! 

Scholarships awarded through the Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley, Inc. are available to all military dependents pursuing an undergraduate/graduate or vocational degree and are affiliated with Fort Riley. Scholarships are awarded to these four categories: graduating high school seniors, spouses, college/vocational students and a graduate student. Additional requirements are listed on the application.


Application Instructions: this year our application has been broken into two, fillable word document applications. Click on the button below for the application that corresponds to your status.  Applications can be downloaded to your computer, saved, and then printed and mailed once complete.

Please send any application questions to: 


The K-State/Fort Riley Partnership Scholarship Program is an incredible program available to our military high school senior applicants. This program provides additional, partial scholarships, which are funded solely by K-State for attendance at K-State and are merit based. High school senior applicants interested in attending Kansas State University and competing for a Partnership Scholarship, may do so by simply filling out & signing the K-State/Fort Riley Partnership Scholarship Program agreement within the CSF application.


Additional information: Parental/legal guardian signatures are also required.  Choosing to compete does not preclude competing for a CSF scholarship. No fees are involved in this process. No additional forms are required.  The CSF will provide K-State with the applicant’s academic information for the purposes of determining scholarship eligibility. The CSF will notify all applicants about the final status of their consideration for a Fort Riley/K-State Partnership Scholarship. Winners are chosen by K-State. Scholarships are awarded at the May CSF Awards Ceremony.

The 2021 application window is now closed.
 Good luck to all applicants!

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