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The K-State/Fort Riley Partnership Scholarship Program is an incredible program available to our military high school senior applicants. This program provides additional, partial scholarships, which are funded solely by K-State for attendance at K-State and are merit based. High school senior applicants interested in attending Kansas State University and competing for a Partnership Scholarship, may do so by simply filling out & signing the K-State/Fort Riley Partnership Scholarship Program agreement within the CSF application.


Additional information: Parental/legal guardian signatures are also required.  Choosing to compete does not preclude competing for a CSF scholarship. No fees are involved in this process. No additional forms are required.  The CSF will provide K-State with the applicant’s academic information for the purposes of determining scholarship eligibility. The CSF will notify all applicants about the final status of their consideration for a Fort Riley/K-State Partnership Scholarship. Winners are chosen by K-State. Scholarships are awarded at the May CSF Awards Ceremony.


Over the past 4 years* the Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley has awarded over 70 scholarships totaling nearly $130,000. Thank you to our community donors! 

In 2023,12 scholarships were awarded totaling $27,500 

In 2022, 22 scholarships were awarded totaling $34,500 

In 2021,19 scholarships were awarded totaling $31,250 

In 2019, 19 scholarships were awarded totaling $36,250  

*excluding 2020 due to Covid19 restrictions

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